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Neo4j Startup Program

We are excited to announce that noreja was accepted into the ‘Neo4j Startup Program’! Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database provider and supports startups that drive innovation around graphs.

At noreja, we use the Neo4j graph database as the foundation for our Causal Process Mining applications. This offers completely new and more performant ways of evaluating process data.

For all the techies: As a Neo4j startup program member,  you can use Neo4j Enterprise for 3 machines in production, 3 in test/staging and 6 in dev. Each machine can have up to 256GB of RAM and 24 cores. 


Learn more on the Neo4j startup program:

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Connecting Processes with Business Objects

Essential business objects like invoices, customers, or payment terms are deeply embedded inside an organization and interrelated to each other. The challenge is to find those connections and relate them to the business process. With this knowledge, companies can make more intelligent decisions that drive customer satisfaction.

Additionally, they can decrease throughput times, rework rate, and process complexity which leads to lower capital commitment and financing costs.

Noreja Kick-Off

We are happy to announce the kick-off of Noreja. Our vision is to establish a new way of conducting process mining – an approach we call Causal Process Mining. With Causal Process Mining, we want to uncover real causal behaviour that appears between business objects along with the process execution. Thereby, we also introduce a new way of data integration for process mining – an approach we call Causal Process Modeling. This approach takes the cardinalities of the underlying database structures (e.g., of an ERP system) into account and combines it with domain knowledge of process experts.

In this regards, we are happy to announce our first partnership with Ramsauer & Stürmer for whom we are exclusively developing the first connectors to their ERP system rs2.

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