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We are very pleased to announce that we could win Markus Neumayr (CEO of Ramsauer & Stürmer) as an key investor for Noreja! In addition to the purely financial investment, Markus will take an active role as an ‘Ecosystem Ambassador‘ at Noreja, in which he will further deepen our existing cooperation with Ramsauer & Stürmer.

Our vision is to take the digital transformation of all Ramsauer & Stürmer customers to the next level through process mining, enabling them to optimize critical resources such as human resources, finance, customers and suppliers, thus saving significant costs.

Ramsauer & Stürmers’ official announcement is available here.

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Interested Ramsauer & Stürmer customers can register below for the free webinar (in German) with the title Digitalisierung beschleunigen mit Noreja Process Intelligence für rs2 on 03.03.2022 between 14:00h and 15:00h with Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling and Lukas Pfahlsberger:

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