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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Noreja help my company?

We support your company on the way to become a process-oriented organization. On the one hand, we offer an innovative process mining tool that can be used to analyze and optimize business processes. On the other hand, we provide companies with consulting services around the topic of data-driven business process management.

Which source systems can be connected with Noreja?

Currently, we are concentrated on the ERP system of Ramsauer & Stürmer. If your company is using any kind of ERP module on top of rs2, it is already possible to start using Noreja Process Mining.

From a database perspective, we developed adapters for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. In the future, we want to extend our offering of database adapters continuously.

How to get started with Noreja?

Since we are in the early kick-off phase, the only way to start using Noreja is to get in touch with one of our team members. You can find the contact information on the ‘Team’ page. We are still searching for motivated lead users for co-creation. Therefore, if your company is interested in using and developing features, please contact us.