Noreja Process Intelligence

get ahead of your digital transformation by analyzing and optimizing entire end-to-end business processes with process mining

Imagine a world with complete transparency over every single process activity in your company…

Sound far-fetched? In fact, advancing digitization is creating unimagined opportunities for companies to turn imagination into reality. IT systems such as ERP, CRM, or SCM leave digital traces behind with every interaction that can be placed in the context of time. By means of process mining, these traces can be linked and converted into process performance indicators, process models and executable knowledge. This makes it possible to answer countless questions whose answers previously lay in the dark: Where exactly do bottlenecks occur? Who makes mistakes at which point? Where is capital tied up in the process? Which activities could we do without and where? By answering these questions successfully, undreamt-of efficiency gains can be generated which ensure that your company remains competitive in today’s increasingly dynamic markets:

Proof-Of-Concept with Noreja


Shorten Process Cycle Time


Reduce Process Waste


Increase Employee Productivity


Optimize Working Capital


Detect Compliance Issues

What use cases can be realized with process mining?  


Create Transparency

Uncover 100% of process execution paths and put them in relation to process data

Reduce Manual Work

Reduction of time and resources which results from manual interviews, document analysis, or workshops

Uncover Inefficiencies

Detection of anomalies, bottlenecks, weaknesses, and inefficiencies which serve as a basis for process optimization

Monitor Progress

Keep track of your entire process execution history which allows to draw conclusions regarding past BPM initiatives or the impact of external events

Strategic Decision-Support

Enables data-driven and proactive decision-making which is based on actual process execution data

Identify Automation Potential

Provides suggestions for the application of Robotic Process Automation or automated workflow execution

Noreja Process Intelligence extracts these digital traces from your IT systems and generates a multidimensional view of your business processes. In doing so, we uncover real causal relationships and transform them into actionable insights. Our cloud application is based on the latest technological scientific approaches. We follow a user-centric design that allows analyses to be performed in separate tabs, filtered individually and compared with each other. Our backend is based on a graph database, so that analyses can be evaluated with enormous performance and in real time. In contrast to conventional approaches, our solution reduces the effort of data integration, because we renounce the use of event logs. Instead, we build directly on the source database tables and leverage theri important meta information.

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